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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Weekend

The average workweek can be tiring and stressful for many of us. We might feel burnt out from the constant pressure to perform at work, and it may feel like there’s not time for much else besides making dinner and hopefully getting in some exercise before bedtime each evening.

Sometimes we need a reminder that we need time for ourselves so that we can unwind. By doing so, we help prevent the harmful health effects of stress, which can eventually lead to burnout. This weekend, make mindful decisions on how you want to spend your time.

Work on Your Bucket List

Don’t already have one? Think about what YOU want to do during your life and work towards those goals! It might be a mix of experiences you want to have, like traveling to foreign destinations or camping in every National Park or mastering a new skill; perhaps one you’ve never tried yourself but always admired, like woodworking or archery. Create your list and include at least one goal you can work on this weekend.

Your bucket list should include both short-term and long-term goals. More easily accomplishable short-term goals help us feel like we’re making progress in-between knocking off some of the bigger items on the list.

Get Ready for the Workweek Ahead

Don’t let the weekend let you fall behind work. Take a few minutes during your weekend to plan ahead by taking time to go through your to-do list and prioritizing what needs to be done. It’s a great feeling to be able to come into work prepared for the week ahead, rather than feeling overwhelmed by an overflowing to-do list.

Zen Your House

I recommend starting this project by silencing your phone and playing some relaxing music. A downtempo or ambient mix will work best for creating the upbeat, yet tranquil environment that gets a creative buzz going. Light incense or spray your favorite fragrance (eucalyptus essential oil is a favorite clean-smelling option).

Now, you are ready to zen out your house. Start by de-cluttering and removing any unnecessary objects. Consider ways to add more light to your space. Adding some plants (even fake ones) can help boost your mood and make you more productive.

Catch Up on Sleep

If you aren’t getting enough time to snooze during the week, take advantage of the weekend as a time to sleep in. Freshly washed sheets are a must to make your bed feel extra-comfy.

Populate a Playlist with Podcasts

Podcasts are a cheap (if not free) and easy way to learn something new and promote self-growth. If there’s something you want to learn about, chances are, there’s a great podcast about it already. Try asking friends for recommendations on what they like to tune into regularly.

Practice Yoga

The benefits of yoga are seemingly endless. It can improve your posture, keep your mind clear, boost your mood, promote better sleep, improve your self-esteem, and so much more! (We offer various low-cost yoga classes at our studio).

Reignite A Forgotten Passion

What did you use to love to do as a kid? Perhaps you spent all your free time painting, rock climbing, or reading in a cozy nook? If your art supplies or climbing gear have been sitting gathering dust for a little too long, it’s time to bring them back out! It’s important to spend time doing the things that bring us joy – it prevents us from feeling like everything is mundane. Doing what makes us happy helps us unwind and feel more passionate about life.

Spend Time with Your Family and Friends

Most of us can’t think of a better way to spend time than with those we love. As adults, our busy work schedules and obligations can keep us from seeing our friends and family for months at a time, sometimes. Call up some folks you haven’t seen in a while and invite them to catch up with you. Sharing a summery drink and laughter with the ones we love is exactly what the weekend is for.