Teacher Bios


Kelsey Bednar has been practicing yoga since her teens and eventually went on to get her RYT 200 through a studio in the Chicago area, where she is originally The Wellness Stop from. Kelsey enjoys practicing all styles of yoga but loves to teach gentler Vinyasa Flow classes that also incorporate elements of Restorative yoga. Kelsey views herself as a perpetual student and at any given time you can find her studying and sharing more about Yogic Philosophy, Ayurveda, Astrology, and general Health and Wellness through her website, The Wellness Stop. She is passionate about yoga as a means to connect with our highest selves and those around us. She is excited to teach at RiNo Yoga Social and share her practice with all of the awesome yogis in the RYS community!


As a self-proclaimed outsider to yoga and now ten years in — this practice alone has led to the most transformative growth and personal development I could have ever imagined.

Yoga has helped to cultivate a more mindful approach to my every day and has served as a reliable source of strength through even the most difficult times.

Earning 200-hr RYT certification in Southeast Asia last summer, I studied under yoga instructors and swamis from all over, exploring the spectrum of styles from Ashtanga to Iyengar, Kundalini to Vinyasa. From this a world’s view on yoga philosophy & teaching style was developed.

Inspired most by breath-to-movement connectivity, my classes are gentle, vinyasa-based and rooted in the idea that the personal practice of yoga is a resource that should be made accessible to EVERY curious body. Expect to be welcomed whole-heartedly regardless of level or background and to leave feeling challenged, maybe even changed.

Off the mat, you can find me runsetting the city and mountains of Colorado, photographing the days away, plotting my next big adventure abroad and leading karma yoga weekly with the residents of The Delores Project.

Liz Layne

Liz Layne is a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 and Leadership Coach based in Denver, CO. She teaches many styles of Yoga in the Denver area, including Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Yoga Nidra. With a focus on the mind, body, and breath connection, Liz guides wellness-curious adults as they explore the practice of yoga + meditation to create balance and harmony within the many aspects of their lives. Liz’s classes are open to all bodies, any level of experience, and new yogis are welcomed!

Yoga found Liz in 2004. As she began practicing Yoga regularly, Liz quickly realized that there was a connection between how often she made it to the mat, and how often she showed up authentically in life, as her best self. If you ask Liz, she describes this feeling as if “a light was shining into every corner of my being.” Through practice Liz began to understand the power of healing available within the union of mind, body, and breath.

As a teacher, Liz is grateful for her Yoga practice and the ability to share the gift of Yoga. In her words, “Yoga continues to teach me that with simple and intentional actions performed regularly, we have the power and opportunity to shine light into all of the dark spaces. This is Yoga practice. And how fortunate we are that we can return to our practice each day, both on and off the mat. If you ask me, Yoga saves lives.”

Visit her website for more: www.lizlayne.yoga


Kimmy loves to share her smile with all those she meets. She moved from the Bay Area, in California in 2000, thinking she’d be here for a year, and 18 years later, calls Colorado her home. She has always loved anything with movement, like hiking, surfing, and teaching fitness classes, but around 2013, she started feeling a calling to go deeper in her spiritual practice.  In 2015, she received her RYT 200, and is currently in the process of her 300 RYT. She believes that teaching must come from the heart, with authenticity and truth. She always creates a welcoming and loving environment in all her classes and expresses the importance of living one’s purpose. She likes to incorporate meditations in her yoga, because she’s learned, through her own practice, that meditating can help encourage growth of the physical and spiritual self.  Kimmy is also a Buti instructor as well as fitness instructor.  She loves seeing her students evolve and connect with the divine, that lives within us all. Catch her Buti Yoga classes on Saturdays at 10:30am as well as her moon ceremonies during different times of the month. “Yoga means union. That is, you begin to experience the existence as yourself” ~Sadhguru


Her middle name is Joy for a reason! She is passionate about inspiring students to unleash to their fullest potential and understand their self-healing abilities. With moments of uninterrupted flows, with simple directions and reflective questioning she intends to connect you to your truest self and deepest knowing through your body. She will encourage and support you through this catalyst towards self exploration and transformation. Hannah Joy earned her 200hr certification through LifePower Yoga and has since become a certified kickboxing instructor and obtained a NASM Personal Training Certification and Fitness Nutritionist Certification. With an extensive background in fitness and wellness, Hannah Joy strives towards helping clients maintain optimal wellness and finding their inner strength through yoga, exercise, and healthy lifestyle practices.


Arynn, Director of RiNo Yoga Social & trauma-informed RYT, is on a mission: a mission to share the joy of yoga! Originally, yoga introduced itself to her in 2009 while she was a contemporary dancer. After transforming herself from an overstressed dancer into a human who could finally experience peace & healing, she began her unapologetic love affair with yoga. By early 2012, she was living in sunny Arizona and training to receive her yoga certification. In 2016, she then became a trauma-informed instructor and settled in Colorado. Nowadays, yoga is one of her daily cravings! Fresh, fun, contemplative, soulful, & sweaty Yoga is what she shares. Vinyasa is her main jam & her private class specialty is in trauma-informed yoga for anxiety, stress alleviation, and PTSD symptom management. In an overstimulating, stress-filled world, Arynn believes everybody deserves some yoga in their life. Her current clients describe her as having a uniquely therapeutic voice that is helpful for restorative visualizations and getting yogis into their flow state. Arynn would love to welcome you, at any level of experience, to come play with yoga, breathe deeply, & find peace of mind on your mat in our community studio, RiNo Yoga Social!

*  Recent Update: Arynn is working to realize her full potential as a teacher. To do so, she is currently a 500-hour RYT student enrolled in 90Monkeys training, lead by the gifted & passionate Amy Ippoliti!  “There is divine beauty in learning…. to learn means to accept the postulate that life did not begin at my birth. Others have been here before me, and I walk in their footsteps.” ―Elie Wiesel


During Michele’s four years of practicing yoga she has developed a passion for body strength, peace, and serenity which she finds within her practice of Yoga. She is a Colorado-based teacher who received her 200 hr certification through Kindness Yoga, learning under outstanding teachers such as Jen Hicks and Ginny Biddle. Michele’s main teaching style is Vinyasa Flow for all levels, but she specializes in working with beginners and athletes. Michele’s classes are created and motivated to help build strength and flexibility for the avid athletes such as rock climbers, runners, and weightlifters. She engages her students with mindfulness and acceptance, so they may grow their practice of open-mindedness for ultimate well-being. Currently, Michele studies psychology and applies her discipline and gift for consciousness through the practice of Vinyasa. After taking her class you will find your mind more relaxed, confident, and tapped into the present moment. All of Michele’s classes are donation-based and she contributes a portion of the proceedings to local Colorado charities.  Michele shares this gift of yoga with others so that kindness and mindfulness can spread through our Colorado yoga collective. “Love & Chi”


In 2009, Jorge was introduced to yoga the way many of us are, through technology! His first experience with yoga was actually a good ‘ol p90x DVD. After an injury, the only workout that felt right was yoga. It was so powerful and transformative. Upon finally recovering, Jorge started the workouts again, but yoga never left his mind. His curiosity led him to practicing in Bikram yoga classes in 2012, and eventually taking Yoga Teacher Training at Kindness in 2016.

Jorge now teaches fundamental yoga in both Hatha and Vinyasa styles. His classes consist of classical yogic themes, precise cueing, and dialogues that spark inner journeys. His dharma talk and instruction is also derived from the tales, myths, folklore and belief systems from India, the birthplace of Yoga and Yogic philosophy. If you want to dive back in time to an epoch when myths were current events and legend were fact, Jorge’s class is where you should start. Additionally, during the time spent in Jorge’s classes, you will be challenged to explore your anatomy and learn how to keep your body safe and injury-free while exploring at your own level of strength and flexibility.

* Bonus: He’s a bilingual instructor! (English & Spanish)


Eva Nelson is a Healer and Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator. She pulls from her life experience, abilities as a natural healer and extensive professional training to provide transformative healing support and services. Her work is geared toward cultivating authenticity, finding your truth, embodying your purpose, loving yourself and living the life that you want to live. She does this by supporting the whole person in feeling safe and empowered to do the deep work of recovering self, stepping into your power and healing your life.

Her Evening & All-Day Shamanic Breathwork® Workshops will be held at RiNo Yoga Social every month of 2019! Please visit her website: soulshifts.org for private energy healing sessions or take a peek at this event for more details on public offerings.


Isabel is a writer, teacher and professional healer. Her brand, Purejoojoo, is the result of over 25 years of Understanding. Since the age of 17, she couldn’t understand why people made her think she needed to be anyone other than who she is. And as she continued to experienced Life, she began to understand the only difference between when she was feeling depressed and alone and when she was feeling full of confidence and joy was a thought. Which is how she learned how to heal her thoughts by understanding the Power of the Mind and the Breath. Which is how Purejoojoo came to be. Purejoojoo is the Understanding of Who You Are. Not who think you think you should be. Because your mind and your breath can be for you too. And this is what Isabel teaches you how to do. So you can live the life you have always wanted for you too. So you can live your life being comfortable and confident being you. Come experience a Sunday Purejoojoo Session for you too!


Chelley discovered yoga in high school and fell in love with this physical practice that not only felt amazing, but connected her to spirit as well. The sensation of groundedness and the opportunity to move her energy around, connecting breath and asana, created a sensation of home that she didn’t even know was missing.

Chelley received her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2009 from Sanjibanu Yoga Sansar, and subsequently taught both adults and children in New York City. She returns to teaching with a renewed vigor and desire to hold space for the souls who walk through the door to her class and helps them to live their best light.

Chelley is the Founder/Spiritual Spark Plug of lighthouse/haven, a spiritual wellness company whose offerings include Haven: A City Retreat, and individual Reiki, consulting and yoga sessions. She is also an author, and you can connect with her at her blog and pick up the new Amazon Best Seller she is featured in, When I Rise, I Thrive. Her TEDx talk on “What is the Word Missing While You Wait for Permission” can be found here.

When not practicing yoga, you can find Chelley singing and dancing across the stages in Colorado as a professional performing artist and volunteering and traveling with her favorite non-profits.


Alex leads her students towards stronger bodies and softer hearts through detailed and deep cues, intelligent sequencing, and a focus on actions and drills that will have you lighting up hard-to-fire muscles. Her enthusiasm for alignment and biomechanics is infectious. If you’ve never been excited about a thighbone before, beware: you might be upon walking out of her class! In her class, you can expect strong, detailed holds, deep melts, and the delicious feeling of more overall strength and suppleness in your body. Alex views this practice not just as medicine for the body, but as a mechanism to align more deeply with heart and spirit.


Brittany is a teacher of subtlety. Her classes threads breath, detail, and focused mind through steady holds and slow, fluid flows. Britt’s love of metaphor and visualization create pathways into a meditation on the depth available in each experience. You can expect to explore new movement, inspire curiosity, and leave your mat feeling grounded and centered. Britt believes that the practice of yoga can awaken us to the choice we have in each moment and that inside of these moments, there exists endless possibility to create.


Mercedes has been practicing yoga since she was 21 years old, three years later Mercedes received her 200hr RYT while living at an ashram called Shoshoni Yoga Retreat Center near Boulder, CO.  She is trained in Shambhava Yoga which is a form of Raja Yoga that specializes in Kundalini meditation (energy transformation), mantra (sound vibration), kirtan (devotional chanting), asana or hatha yoga disciplines. Mercedes will guide students through a “Hatha Flow”, Hatha, literally meaning “sun-moon”, refers to the balancing of energies in the subtle channels so that the dormant spiritual force awakens and rises upward to manifest its potential.

Mercedes’ classes will typically begin with a strong foundation in body awareness and alignment, then moves deeper, allowing students to explore their own personal experience of yoga through inner focus and surrender. Mercedes teaches from the heart and responds to the energy of the class through intuition creating a unique and different experience each time.

Catch her Tuesday evenings at 5:30PM!


Sara is passionate about yoga and sharing it with others. She has been practicing all different types of yoga and applying yoga philosophy to her life since 2005. In 2014, she decided to get her 200 hour teaching certification through Yoga South in Boca Raton, Fl to gain more knowledge and experience. She has been teaching and loving it ever since. In April of 2018, she decided to travel to Mysore, India to receive her 500 hour yoga teacher certification. Sara loved her training in India and she is continually inspired to share the traditions she learned from her experience there. She loves motivating people to achieve their goals and to reach their highest potential. She believes in the importance of being present and using the breath, mind and body as tools for spiritual and physical growth. Sara hopes students leave her classes feeling peaceful, blissful, and inspired to find more balance in their lives. One of her favorite quotes is by Henry David Thoreau, “Go confidently in the directions of your dreams, live the life you’ve always imagined.”


Naomi is a RYT-200 and the Founder of Black Bear Yoga LLC. She is a Denver native who is passionate about making yoga more accessible to diverse communities and more specifically communities of color. She specializes in Vinyasa Trap Yoga as well as Restorative R&B classes. Through her own experiences as a yogi, she has found it hard to find an environment that she feels culturally connected to through her yoga practice, which has helped mold the vision she has today. Her mission is to support other individuals on their own yoga journeys regardless of their level of experience. Denver’s Black Yogi Bear is here to change the face of yoga for people of color in Denver, CO. She spends her time working with students and exposing them to yoga at an early age in hopes of building up our future yogi leaders. She has a strong support team, which includes her family, friends and community members who are always cheering her on as she continues to take steps towards accomplishing her personal and professional goals.