Teacher Bios


Kimmy, RYT 200, is known for sharing her smile with all those she meets. She teaches with authenticity and always creates a welcoming and loving environment in all her Vinyasa yoga classes. She expresses the importance of living one’s truth and encourages this through her yoga teachings. She likes to incorporate meditations in her yoga, because she believes that meditating can help encourage growth of the physical and spiritual self. Kimmy is currently pursuing her RYT 500 at Samadhi Yoga, in Denver, to deepen her own practice. “Yoga means union. That is, you begin to experience the existence as yourself” ~Sadhguru


Natalie is a teacher of exploration, listening, movement and spiritual practice. Natalie’s classes are alignment and vinyassa based—you can expect to thread together steady holds, and slow-fluid flows, get curious about your breath, and make connections between mind, body and spirit. Raised in the creative, fast-paced energy of New York City, Natalie began practicing yoga in high school as a way to find grounding and quietude in the city. She has since lived as a yoga teacher in Arkansas, a ski instructor in Breckenridge and an educator in Jerusalem. She is grateful to have settled in Denver, surrounded by the mountains, culture, yoga and welcoming communities.


Alexi Neal is an experienced and passionate teacher, who combines Vinyasa Yoga, longer holds in deep stretches, and introspective meditation into classes that challenge her students to grow and thrive. She is almost complete with her training as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, and this mind-body approach heavily influences even her strong Vinyasa classes. Join her for LEVEL UP Yoga on Wednesdays at 5:30PM for a variety of Vinyasa practices, or at Yoga Church at 10:30AM on Sundays for a practice that combines the spiritual aspects of yoga with the physical practice.


As a self-proclaimed outsider to yoga and now ten years in — this practice alone has led to the most transformative growth and personal development I could have ever imagined.

Yoga has helped to cultivate a more mindful approach to my every day and has served as a reliable source of strength through even the most difficult times.

Earning 200-hr RYT certification in Southeast Asia last summer, I studied under yoga instructors and swamis from all over, exploring the spectrum of styles from Ashtanga to Iyengar, Kundalini to Vinyasa. From this a world’s view on yoga philosophy & teaching style was developed.

Inspired most by breath-to-movement connectivity, my classes are gentle, vinyasa-based and rooted in the idea that the personal practice of yoga is a resource that should be made accessible to EVERY curious body. Expect to be welcomed whole-heartedly regardless of level or background and to leave feeling challenged, maybe even changed.

Off the mat, you can find me runsetting the city and mountains of Colorado, photographing the days away, plotting my next big adventure abroad and leading karma yoga weekly with the residents of The Delores Project.

Emily C

The “Bodhicitta Yogi” – Emily is a 200hr RYT that makes it her mission to bring unconditional love, laughter, and joy into her yoga classes. By practicing these feelings we have the opportunity to teach our minds to experience them even off our mat. Yoga encourages this process through juicy movement, embodied breath-work, and deep meditation. Her dharma is to guide you through these practices to improve the quality of your life.


Kelsey Bednar has been practicing yoga since her teens and eventually went on to get her RYT 200 through a studio in the Chicago area, where she is originally from. Kelsey enjoys practicing all styles of yoga but loves to teach gentler Vinyasa Flow classes that also incorporate elements of Restorative yoga. Kelsey views herself as a perpetual student and at any given time you can find her studying and sharing more about Yogic Philosophy, Ayurveda, Astrology, and general Health and Wellness through her website, The Wellness Stop. She is passionate about yoga as a means to connect with our highest selves and those around us. She is excited to teach at RiNo Yoga Social and share her practice with all of the awesome yogis in the RYS community!


Annie (aka Kundalini Yogini Goddess) received her 200 HR YTT certificate in Rishikesh, India, the Yoga capital of the world. She has practiced and studied in Los Angeles, Boston and Denver, and has deepened her love of Yoga through her appreciation of its’ philosophy and ancient tantric roots. She loves to teach and share this sacred wisdom. Whether you are looking for spiritual guidance or ways to be more in tune with your body physically, she makes her lessons easy to digest and inspiring for every person. Her all-levels Hatha classes typically move at a slower pace where she encourages students to work on alignment. She believes yoga trains the mind to find equanimity in all circumstances, both on and off the mat. Annie is the Writer and Founder of Cosmic Kundalini, a bi-monthly newsletter with tips on yoga, meditation, and how to navigate each full and new moon.

Styles:Hatha yoga, yoga nidra, meditation (alternating each week)


Rebecca’s teaching style merges strength with flexibility, and incorporates a touch of laughter. This style of practice encourages her students to enjoy the present moment, and focus on the task at hand, practicing yoga! Rebecca’s largest focus is combating the physical and mental stresses we put on our bodies each day. You can find her teaching vinyasa, yin, and restorative, or a combination of the three. She is currently a 200-RYT and received her certification from Kindness in Denver. Currently, you can find her teaching Dead Head Flow (vinyasa to the music of the Grateful Dead) on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of each month, and the 2nd & 4th Sundays are experimental vinyasa, yin, or restorative classes, found on her Facebook page. Her Motto: Let the Yoga do the work!


Chas has been teaching private and group meditation for five years, and practicing for over a decade.

His meditation style ranges from formal classes with traditional themes, to custom teachings based on individual’s needs, and unique mindfulness workshops, like tastings, sound healing, and mindful movement. He hopes to share his favorite meditation techniques, tricks, and tips with others looking to expand their meditation practice, or start a new one. He teaches meditation as a way to build a community, connect with others, and offer mindfulness practice in a way that feels accessible and makes sense to all practitioners of all levels.


Arynn, founder of Soul Yoga CO, Director of RiNo Yoga Social, & 200RYT is on a mission: a mission to share the joy of yoga. Originally, yoga introduced itself to her in 2009 while she was a contemporary dancer. After transforming herself from an overstressed dancer into a human who could finally experience peace & healing, she began her unapologetic love affair with yoga. By early 2012, she was living in sunny Arizona and training to receive her yoga certification. In 2016, she then became a trauma-informed instructor and settled in Colorado. Nowadays, yoga is one of her daily cravings! Fresh, fun, contemplative, soulful, & sweaty Yoga is what she shares. Vinyasa is her main jam & her private class specialty is in trauma-informed yoga for anxiety, stress alleviation, and PTSD symptom management. In an overstimulating, stress-filled world, Arynn believes everybody deserves some yoga in their life. Her current clients describe her as having a uniquely therapeutic voice that is helpful for restorative visualizations and getting yogis into their flow state. Arynn would love to welcome you, at any level of experience, to come play with yoga, breathe deeply, & find peace of mind on your mat in our community studio, RiNo Yoga Social!


Pardees Goshtasb RYT-200 — My yoga journey began in 2009 and has brought with it an ever evolving sense of tranquility, bliss, and awareness. After diving deep into this powerful practice, I felt called to share its gifts and began teaching family and friends from my home in Buffalo, NY. In 2014, my wandering spirit led me to Rishikesh, India where I studied to receive my RYT-200 certification.
I call myself an artist and have a deep love for all things that nourish the soul, expand the heart, and challenge the mind. I have found that seeing the interconnectedness of all things leads to a peaceful spirit, so I truly enjoy incorporating all things art into my teaching style. Poetry, music, aromatherapy, healing touch, dance. Whether you’re in the mood to break a sweat and really challenge yourself, unwind and recharge, or focus on a specific area, I can offer exactly what you need.

For me, yoga is so much more than exercise. It is a chance to reconnect with our deepest self through presence, breath, movement and stillness. By shedding light on our darkness, we create space to heal and transform. Give yourself the gift of yoga and tap in to your own brilliance. I am that which merges with you.

Emily S

Emily Sionas is a Colorado based yoga teacher who has trained in India, New York, and Colorado. She offers a wide variety of yoga classes from strength-building Vinyasa to Restorative and breath-centered work as well.
Emily strives to create a space in which her students can explore and grow through yoga. With classes focused on both the physical and the philosophical aspects of the practice, Emily seeks to help others use yogaas a tool to live more fully on and off the mat.

House of the Heart


Liz is a Colorado-based yoga teacher who earned her RYT 200 in Thailand and further studied yoga in India. She teach Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, and Yoga Nidra. Set to carefully curated playlists and topped with soothing meditations, Liz’s classes allow students to unplug, recharge, and connect with their innermost selves. Liz loves to create an entire yoga experience where students get lost in the fluid rhythm of their breath and dynamic movement of their bodies.
After practicing yoga for a decade and working as an attorney in California, Liz decided to ditch law and pursue teaching yoga instead. She realized life’s too short to do something that doesn’t make you happy, and that dreams are worth going for. So she packed her bags, went abroad, and immersed herself in all things yoga before returning back to her home state of Colorado to plant some roots and grow her yogi tribe. For Liz, nothing brings more joy than being able to share the gift of yoga and to create a positive impact on and off the mat.
Liz teaches the Friday Night Flow at 5:30pm, an energizing Vinyasa class; and facilitates Savasana Sunday at 8pm, a relaxing Yoga Nidra class. All her classes are donation based.


Tonia is a wanderer with a stability fetish, a feminist yogi, a buddhist ninja, a socially conscious nerd, a thriving survivor, and a woman who loves to be in the wild. She is the founder of an organization integrating yoga and mindfulness curriculum into the educational environment (bhavanaKIDS.com). She is the creator of a storytelling podcast about shifting paradigms and overcoming adversity (illnessthreateninglife.com). And she guides classes, workshops and events for inspiration and growth – from the personal, to the collective. You can learn more about all of her work at toniacrosby.com.


Billy uses yoga as a vehicle for growth, reflection, and spiritual awakening. His practice provides a space for these shifts and transformations to take place, and the results inspire. At once a philosopher, a jester, and a provocateur, Billy’s regimen has been known to radically alter human perspectives.
His method demands that students ask difficult questions of themselves, and the accompanying physical demands are just as strenuous. But by combining vigorous asana poses with his own candor, vulnerability, and sense of humor, Billy has created a style of yoga that is utterly unique. Some classes will have you laughing and shaking your “money maker,” but others will have you in tears because of Billy’s dharma. Billy’s inspiration may come from – well, just about anywhere.


Shanna was a natural athlete growing up and was raise in a very spiritual home. In her late teens she learned about yoga, which was the perfect activity to combine her love of movement and spirituality. Shanna has been a yogi for over 20 years and she received her 200-hour Power Yoga Certification in 2009. You will find Shanna teaching different types of yoga classes, Qoya movement classes, women’s circles, workshops and retreats around Colorado and the world. Shanna loves to incorporate yoga, sacred movement and dance into her classes to help you move from your head to your heart and cultivate a more empowered relationship with your body. She thinks of herself as a sacred space holder-creating a sacred safe space for you to trust your own experience, embody your truest expression, and use your body as your guide. Shanna’s favorite form of yoga is Bhakti Yoga and is currently learning to play the harmonium. Shanna hopes to soon be able to incorporate her harmonium and chanting into her yoga classes, workshops and retreats.


Her middle name is Joy for a reason! She is passionate about inspiring students to unleash to their fullest potential and understand their self-healing abilities. With moments of uninterrupted flows, with simple directions and reflective questioning she intends to connect you to your truest self and deepest knowing through your body. She will encourage and support you through this catalyst towards self exploration and transformation. Hannah Joy earned her 200hr certification through LifePower Yoga and has since become a certified kickboxing instructor and obtained a NASM Personal Training Certification and Fitness Nutritionist Certification. With an extensive background in fitness and wellness, Hannah Joy strives towards helping clients maintain optimal wellness and finding their inner strength through yoga, exercise, and healthy lifestyle practices.


Kim Doyle is a Fourth Generation Spiritual Healer through her Matriarchal Lineage and she has been practicing yoga for the past 9 years She is passionate about elevating and inspiring others to become fully embodied Gods and Goddesses through Movement, Manifestation, and Magic.

Kim has also studied Mayan Abdominal Massage, Chinese Cupping Therapy, Solfeggio Scale Tuning Forks, Evolved Alchemy Spagyrics, Earth Alchemy Aromatherapy, and is a Minister through the Church of Universal Light.

These holistic wellness trainings & transformations inspired her to share this gift of yoga with others. In her training in the Himalayas, she learned authentic yoga postures, sacred breath work, and ancient meditation techniques. On top of being certified with the Yoga Alliance, she is also a professional ski-bike instructor, and Mayo Clinic wellness coach.

Her classes are designed to inspire each student to cultivate feelings of self-love, gratitude, support, balance, and unity. She does this by integrating intention, breath, affirmations, yoga postures, creative visualizations, stress release, and deep relaxation.

Look for Kim’s Friday Night Yoga & Sound Healing and Yoga & Blacklight Dance Party Events at RiNo Yoga Social!

Kim also hosts International and Local Spiritual and Permaculture Retreats, Yoga & Dance Workshops, Women’s Healing Circles, and offers Private Healing Sessions, in person or via video chat.